Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally! This is amazing news!!! Man eats 23, 000 Big Macs!

With all of the lousy things going on in the world today I am glad that we can still find time to enjoy the awesomeness that is a McDonalds Big Mac.  Perhaps you have seen the movie Super Size Me, where Morgan Spurlock interviews a man who has eaten two Big Macs a day since 1972.  Amazingly, this man is not over weight, at all. He is 6'2'', weighs 185 lbs (a BMI of 24) and sometimes walks 16 km every day. He never eats the fries anymore, although he does keep a few Big Macs in his freezer just in case of an emergency.  This all just goes to show you how important it is to get out there and move, walk, do something...anything! Just don't sit around all day and fast food can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle; as long as it isn't the main part.


If you could only eat one piece of fast food, every day for 35 years, what would it be?