Monday, February 16, 2009

We’ve Moved

After a solid day of work by the Mrs. and I (mostly the Mrs.).  The Odd Body has grown up and moved out.

So come over and visit us at

Eggplant du Jour

In my quest to add a broader range of  foods to my diet, eggplant makes another appearance.

Some good ol’ chicken breast baked with tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, eggplant thrown on top of some whole wheat pasta.

Of course a little parsley sprinkled on top prior to the meals photo-shoot.


Louis Riel Day Breakfast

Family day in several other provinces, but since we live in Manitoba, today’s holiday is appropriately called Louis Riel Day.

We got to sleep in a little bit today which allowed for a little more time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.


Shredded potatoes/hash browns with onions and a tomato, mushroom and extra old cheddar cheese omelette.

Garnished with my favourite food: Avocados

Time to enjoy the Festival du Voyageurs!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Heart Beets For You

Never, ever made beets before.

Mrs. OddBody/Shortcake loves beets.

I have some in the pantry…I know, why don’t I cook them!


Here is a recipe for a simple, yet tasty beet salad.


I used 4 beets. Boiled them, peeled them and thinly sliced them.

Cut up up several radishes mixed them all with red wine vinegar, olive oil and mustard. Which I conveniently also had in my fridge for the first time ever!

Placed it all on a bed of lettuce and sprinkled the mixture with parsley.

Surprisingly filling…and super tasty.

Beets will definitely be making a few more appearances in my meals

I mean, just look at this nutritional info!

‘Back’ at it

After getting my computer back from hp, in what I must say was record time, looks like it is time to start penning my “information” back into the blogosphere.

I’ll start off nice and lightly with my Valentines Day workout.  Which I must say, was surprisingly good.

After several cups of oatmeal, 6 pieces of pizza and breakfast pancakes over the last 12 hours, I was a big ball of potential energy and it made for a very good workout.

Started things off as per the usual with some weighted wide grip chins.  Warming up with body weight for a few reps and then 5 or so reps with 45 lbs. 

The meat and potatoes work included two sets of 6 reps with a 65 pound dumbbell.  This was followed with some close-grip chins with a 65 lbs for 6 and then 45 lbs for 8 or 9.  After the heavy weights, I always go for an all out set (of wide-grip chins) with no weight for as many reps as about 15 or so today.

Next on the menu was some barbell rows: 4 sets {135 lbs x 12; 185 lbs x 12; 205 lbs x 11; 225 lbs x 6}

Really getting a good burn today so all I needed to finish things off was some deadlifts. 

And boy did these finish me off.

4 Sets {225 lbs x 12; 315 lbs x 8; 365 lbs x 4; 405 lbs x 2}

Haven’t tried to do 405 lbs for a while (at least 18 months), but it felt good to feel some heavy weight again. 

Time to eat and recover.

Is chocolate a good post-workout meal?

Happy Valentines!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eat Fair Trade for 30 Days

Take the One-Month Challenge!

Fair Trade Month kicks off tomorrow in Manitoba on Valentine's Day 2009

Show your love for fair-trade coffee (Kicking Horse is my favourite), tea or chocolate by attempting to eat only fair-trade for the next 30 days.

Good luck!

ps. It might be tough when that morning latte starts calling at 8 AM!

Is Catastrophic Failure a Good Thing?

Even after being a good boy. Running many virus scans and updating my computer frequently.

During the final restart, I was pleasantly greeted with the message

"catastrophic failure"

and windows refused to start!

Needless to say, the comp is in the shop right now, so the posts will be slow...

Luckily this will give me time to catch up on my hobby:

Betting on races between the washing machine and the dryer as they vibrate across the floor!

Go dryer!