Monday, November 10, 2008

You are what's wrong with the world!

I hate to say it, but while on my honeymoon in Hawaii during some down time, I got a chance to catch up on some good old fashioned American "Reality" TV!

I got to see everything from 30-year-olds who have never kissed a girl learn to be "Pick-up Artists" from a man calling himself "Mystery" (???!) to young mindless drones making fools of themselves in order to become Paris Hilton's new BFF!

But one such show caught my attention more than the others. Actually, it was just one sentence from a show; a passing comment made by a "charming" little 16-year-old girl. Previously, she had been featured on "My Super Sweet Sixteen;" a television program that showcases spoiled teenage girls and their over-indulgent parents ("but I wanted a BMW, not a mini cooper, Moooom!")

Her parents thought that it was time for someone to teach her a lesson...someone that wasn't them.

So, out she went, sent into some remote mountainous area. There, she was to spend time with people of a different culture; learning their ways, experiencing a different way of life. Scary? I know.

When they went to fetch the day's water, her caretaker told her that the water from this stream was some of the cleanest in the world. To which she replied, "I only drink bottled water".

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I could not believe my ears, granted she is 16, but wow...Are we that deluded to think that the only safe way to drink water is in a plastic container marked with some Spring or Glacier's name?

These bottles look good when we are drinking them. But they will not look very good 10, 000 years from now when they are filling up land fills.

This is without mentioning that many of these bottles leach harmful chemicals into the water that are now known to effect developing children [and probably adults too].

The highly publicized chemical in many plastic bottles BPA, breaks down very slowly and may even build up in our water supply over time. This could have some pretty lousy effects on those few remaining fish in the water.

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Environmental trailblazers such as David Suzuki are quite outspoken about the detrimental effects of plastic bottles on both our health as well as the environment.

In fact, Mr. Suzuki will not even drink bottled water when it is offered to him at his many speaking engagements around the world. He insists on be served tap water, no matter where he is speaking.

Besides, bottled water doesn't usually taste any better than regular water. I have even heard that *gasp* it all comes from the same place!

This brings me to my next question, on a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is David Suzuki?

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