Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's Get Motivated to be Bored

Now that I have begun a consistent cardio routine in order to get in shape for honeymoon time; I already find myself incredibly bored with it.  In order to crank up the effectiveness and efficiency of it all I have begun doing a nice light cardio session (ride the recumbent bike or light jog in the morning as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach. Weight training is done on it's  own in one session around noon at work (luckily I work at a hospital and school) followed by another cardio session before I go to bed (bike or jog [opposite activity that was done in the morning]).  I am only one day into it all but already I am feeling the intense boredom associated with cardio.  I could weight train all day, I love, it seems so much more manly.  But cardio is so mindless, so repetitive and also no fun!  It is all mental...and unfortunately it can make or break your physique [depending on how tight your diet is].  Since I enjoy eating too much to count calories and all that junk, cardio will have to suffice.  Hopefully I can make through the next 6 weeks because I know that it will be worth it. Not only due to the improved body look of less body fat and visible muscles; but I expect to feel better, healthier and be more full of energy.  Now, time to stop typing and get er' done!  Luckily, the Olympics are on; and seeing the best athletes on the planet every day is helping me get my butt off the couch [at least for the next 5 days].

How do you stay motivated on the cardio equipment when the head and body both say "Go home!"

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