Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Needs to Diet!

So, apparently I have a wedding coming up and also quite importantly...a honeymoon on the beaches of Hawaii. I usually consider myself quite fit and strong but my love of eating almost everything in sight usually results in me being significantly less ripped than most people who grace the cover of grocery checkout magazines. In fact, every year since high school I have consistently put on 20lbs for the winter. Luckily, I promptly lose it when summer time comes around and I get to go outside again without having to hide from the rain or snow.

I do however tend to do significantly more cardio in the summer time, as most people do, running, biking and playing whatever pick-up sport I can get in to. While the winter is spent toiling away in the gym lifting heavy weights with minimal cardio and endless food. There is no denying the correlation between the best eating holidays of the year (Christmas, Thanksgiving, even Easter!) and the increased weight gain that accompanies them.

This year is going to be a little trickier, I am going to have to put off my usual weight gain a little longer (before married life sets in; although it is my goal to avoid the post-marital beer gut) and keep myself in the best shape for surfing and everything else that goes along with a honeymoon (that's right....taking pictures at the beach).

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So far so good, this March I was sitting at about 205lbs (I am 5'11'') and am currently 185lbs give or take a burp. And it has all been relatively simple: I have kept weight training, increased my cardio slightly and my diet has barely changed at all. I still enjoy drinking beer and wine and going out for food as often as I can afford.

Stay tuned for the finer details regarding my actual weight training routine as well as my simple cardio and eating tips that make staying in shape quite easy.

How did you get in summer shape?

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