Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Workout Intensity

1) Add a little weight.

Still using the same old ten pound dumbbells for every exercise?  Time to up the ante and get a little more bang for each rep. Just make sure to keep your form tight and don't start using momentum which may increase your chance of  injury. Your muscles will love the extra challenge!

2) Put your mind into the muscle

Don't have any weights lying around?  Luckily your muscles don't know the difference between 70 and 50 lbs.  Proper form combined with 100 percent focus on every rep can make any weight feel tough.  Feeling your muscles contracting and extending through a full range of motion is one of the best ways to stimulate muscle growth and take some of the blah out of mindlessly floating through a workout.

3) Train less Frequently {aka. Quality vs. Quantity}

Getting tired of crawling out of bed everyday to get to the gym and pound the weights?  Well, start taking a few extra days off!  Don't fall off of the wagon completely, but having an extra day off will not only help you recover a little bit more but you might actually start craving the gym again!  When you get back to it you'll attack the weights with more intensity and start having more quality workouts.


don't work this hard


Patrick said...

Cheers for the tips - from a biological point of view, you do need to mix it up otherwise your body will adapt to cope just enough to get through the work out.

Amusing pic BTW.


biz319 said...

Great post! Love the pic too.

And yes, you can't have burgers without tots!

theoddbod said...

thanks biz319!

I totally agree, variety is the spice and a necessity where working out is concerned