Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bean Dish-Just the Way Mamma Used to Make it!

Every family has their fall back meal, when there doesn't seem to be that much in the pantry or you don't feel like putting in all the effort for a show-stopper of a meal.

I introduce you to the bean dish.  Nothing special but boy was it tasty! And as I learned later in life, it packs one heck of a nutritious punch.

In order to make bean dish all you need is:

1-medium sized onion

1-medium green pepper and red pepper if you feel like it

15 oz. of Red Kidney Beans

15 oz. of black beans

1 cup of frozen corn

1 cup of frozen peas

I cup of spinach (Not in mamma's recipe, but I throw it in almost everything)

1/2 cup of cubed cheddar cheese (add more if you like it extra cheesy)

Some salt and pepper to taste and perhaps some oregano near the end

A few splashes of hot sauce and some garlic

Start things off by chopping up the onion and get them frying in a non-stick pan


When all of the onions are starting to caramelize and starting to smell delicious,

toss in the 'fiberlicious' kidney beans


and then the antioxidant packed black beans


After this I added about 10 splashes of hot sauce (the bottle says that one is enough)


Follow that up by tossing in some peas, corn, and peppers. When the peas and corn are defrosted throw in the cheese cubes with spinach and let it all melt into the beany-mushy mess.

When the cheese is nice and gooey toss in some oregano and salt and pepper to taste.


Serve on a bed of rice and voila! You have enough fibre and protein to last you until next Christmas!

All you need now is some company .

"Why isn't there any in my bowl?"


All photos provided by my wife


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

your camera takes awesome photos- theres a weird tint to them. they look artsy.

anyway- this is my personal fall back meal minus all the flare. Mine is pretty muchwhatever beans i have on hand, salsa and brown rice. cant go wrong.

Kelly Turner

miss shortcake said...
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miss shortcake said...

love this dish! Quick and yummy!

@Kelly: thanks for the kind words. I shoot with a canon EOS 5D ( which lends a very distinctive "look" to photos

theoddbod said...

can't beat beans. forgot to mention, excellent way to enjoy this: throw it all in a tortilla wrap with the salsa and it's even better on the go!

biz319 said...

Um, only two things I would change in your dish - no onions and substitute the Louisana hot sauce for Tabasco!

Man, do you have Tabasco in your house? There should be no other hot sauce (even though I have about 12 different hot sauces in my fridge - Tabasco is my #1!)

theoddbod said...

I don't know, that habanero sauce is pretty tasty. but i suppose if you want to tone it down a little, the tabasco isn't bad ;)
No onions? you gotta have onions. not a day goes by that I don't have some form of onion,haha