Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Sushi Night in Winnipeg

This Sunday, Mrs. Wife decided she wanted to make an ultra cute bento box lunch that involved a bunch of sticky rice.

Being true Vancouverites, you know what that means...

Time for some home-made sushi!


Unfortunately, I was a little too gung-ho and when I decided to start the sushi construction I realized I had very little fixings for filling up the rolls!

So I looked through the pantry and grabbed a tin of pink salmon and loaded up the first roll.


Amazingly, I actually rolled these up properly


And I didn't even destroy them when I sliced them up!


I ate these tasty little pieces for a snack and then made another salmon roll along with a very basic carrot roll

Like I said...very low supplies

Although I did have seaweed handy.


The last two rolls shall be my lunch tomorrow, hopefully they taste just as good tomorrow.


Bonito Appetito!


miss shortcake said...

so I'm "Mrs. Wife" now? hmm? Those sushi rolls were delish!

theidleloaf said...

That's pretty impressive. I've tried rolling my own sushi... not too awesome. I should really try again because this is a cute lunch idea.

theoddbod said...

why thank you. although left-over sushi definitely leaves much to be desired.