Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eat Real Food {Lot's of it!}

I stumbled upon this article on WebMD this morning that reviewed a recent study showing that if 40 year old women didn't watch what they ate they were at risk for serious weight gain in the future. The researchers found that the women who consciously "ate less" were able to prevent this mid-life weight-gain.

The so-called "emotional eating" was the usual cause of the weight gain over-time, and the researchers urged that women try to deal with emotionally stressful times in ways other than "binge-eating".

Although the researchers acknowledged that binge eating is more likely to occur in people who restrict their food intake, they did not see any evidence of this in this study.

Unfortunately, the article did not mention any important biomarkers or signs of impaired health that occur when women knowingly restrict their food.

Unfortunately it did not mention the nutrient intake of the various groups in the study, just weight gain.

A study done at the University of British Columbia found that women who practiced dietary restraint, excreted significantly higher levels of urinary cortisol.

Cortisol, which is a marker for stress may be related to the constant stress of always monitoring your food intake, not a very fun way to live.

If you want some better advice on eating nutrient rich food and enjoying every bite of it, go here.

Just don't drool on your computer too much.

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