Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Road to 405: Leg Day # 6 {Back at the Grind}

Unfortunately it has been two weeks since my last leg workout, other than playing hockey of course.

I though that I would start thing off with gently with 10 or so minutes on the stationary bike as a warm-up.

Followed that up with some leg extensions and hamstring curls with minimal weight in order to get some more blood into the thighs. Legs felt good at this point, although my lower back was a little tight; I attribute this to a lack of thorough stretching after workouts over the last several months.

"I promise I'll do it next time!"

First exercise on the menu today was Back Squats, nothing special, 4 sets {135 lbs x 12; 225 lbs x 12; 245 lbs x 8; 245 lbs x 7}

Next up, the newly refurbished leg-press machine.  Trying to be a little more efficient with my sets and putting more intensity into less sets rather than dragging through several sets half-heartedly {2 sets: 400 lbs x 20; 560 lbs x  15 reps} Good Burn on these.  Led to some wobbly knees going up the stairs at the end.

Finished up with some stiff-legged deadlifts {3 sets: 135 lbs x 12; 135 lbs x 12; 225 lbs x 12} and some  more hamstring curls to finish up my thighs.  Of course, I had to do some calf raises {3 sets: 120 lbs x ~20 reps} to complete the daily task.

Did a little bit of stretching afterwards and will probably do some more when I get home.

Time for class!

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